Pizza Delivery Job Guide

Delivering pizza is possible while you are already employed by another job in the job centre. To do the job, you do not need to go to the job center.

1. Go to the top of the stairs and up to the pizzeria door in the complex next to the job centre and flex E at the door to start the job

2. A pizza car will appear in at the bottom of the stairs, use this to deliver the pizza to the yellow dot on the map

3. Return in the same pizza car to the car park and return the car, this time using the space to the very left (closest to the job centre) of the car park to return the car and get paid

Note: You must return the same car that you were given at the start of the job, otherwise you won’t be paid, so don’t destroy the car. If you need to cancel the job, stand in the space where you collected the car from and flex E at the prompt.