Default Key Bindings


WASD – Moves character

Space bar – Jump

Left Shift – Sprint

CAPS – Hold to talk when on phone or radio

Left Alt – Changes your talk volume (toggles between whisper, normal and shout)

F1 – Brings up options wheel, where you can change your expression, the way you walk or interact with other players (some options specific to jobs like Police or EMS also appear here)

K – Opens/closes pockets (inventory) and allows you to use items in there, drop items or put items into storage containers nearby

Tab – Hold to see what is in each of your quick selection pockets

1-4 – Use items in quick selection pockets (corresponding to the first 4 slots of your pocket)

Esc – Usual GTAO menu, including map

Left mouse click – Punch/use current weapon

Right mouse click – Fighting stance when unarmed, aim weapon when armed.

E – Interact with prompt when available

B – Your character points, aim point with mouse

C – Free camera (look behind without turning your character around

T – Brings up skybox (command line) where you can enter commands (see common commands list here)

U – Shows player’s ID numbers above their head

L – Locks/unlocks your car if close enough

F – Tries to get on/into nearest available vehicle, also used for certain prompts

V – Switches between first and third person view

X – Toggles between crouching and standing your character

Z – Opens smartphone, where you can make calls, send texts, use Twitter, Paypal, Yellowpages and other apps

Arrow keys – Used in menus for highlighting desired selection

Enter – Used in menus to select the highlighted option

Backspace – Used in menus for going back a step

F8 – FiveM console menu

In/On Vehicle:

W – Forward

A – Steers left

S – Reverses

D – Steers right

Space bar – Handbrake when in car or on bike, jump on suitable bike

B – Puts on/removes seatbelt

M – Sets speed limiter

CAPS – Hold to speed up on bicycle

R – Toggles cinematic camera

Right mouse click – Gives middle finger when unarmed, aims gun when armed

F1 – Brings up wheel but options for the vehicle such as switching seat, opening windows, opening the trunk/bonnet, and turning the engine on or off can be found here

E – Honks horn

F – Exits vehicle

H – Turns headlights on/off

Q – Flashing lights toggle when in relevant vehicle, brings up radio station wheel in normal vahicles

Left Alt – Sirens toggle when in relevant vehicle

– – Left indicator/turn signal

= – Right indicator/turn signal

Backspace – Hazard lights

Note:- In the TOKO VOIP Teamspeak plugin there is no push-to-talk key defined by default, if you wish you use one then you must add the option in the Teamspeak settings. For the Teamspeak guide click here. N is the default GTA O key for this, but you should have this turned off to avoid interference with TOKO VOIP.