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Whitelisting Application Frankie Rogers


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Name: Frankie Rogers

Discord: KatalystSpark

How long have you been playing: RP in general, years. FiveM, over a year. Simlife, almost a week.

Characters backstory (Min 150 words): Frankie Rogers has been my main during my whole FiveM experience and she has been through so much. She arrived in Los Santos innocent, but then joined the cartel, then a weed dealer to joining the Lost, to trying her damndest to go clean. After her sister in the Lost stabbed her in the neck, she turned her life around. She got her record expunged and got into interior design. When the real estate company left her old city, she was the only one left and so she took over real estate. She then bought the Vanilla Unicorn. Now, due to some government issues, she is ready for a new start by focusing on her 2 passions: interior design and dancing. That’s when she found SimLife where she was welcomed with open arms and her dreams encouraged. I think she is ready to call SimLife home.

What you think you bring to RP: I am here for the community. At this point, my RP of course is important, but what I love is providing experiences for others. I love throwing events. I love decorating people's houses to make it feel realistic when they go home. I enjoy interacting with people in these moments and I love knowing that any RP that comes from it, I was able to set the foundation for that. My RP used to be all about me and what I am doing. And now I realize, my priority is the community and my fellow RPers. I don't need it to be perfect everytime or happy moments, but I just like knowing I was able to provide a fun experience. For example, as soon as I am whitelisted I want to celebrate at the VU. Already got events planned for y'all. 


Frankie Motherfucking Rogers

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Your application is accepted

Please ask in support for your interview


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