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Whitelisting application Dylan Barkley


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Name: Dylan Barkley 

Discord: The McJiff #3231

How long have you been playing: Been in the city for a week now, over 20 hours in that week. 

Characters backstory (Min 150 words): Well Dylan with a Y comes from a small little town up in Canada, where he and his parents grew up out of a trash can. Feeding off whatever food they can find. The most common food they could find was dog food. Then one day when Dylan was at school, his parents ate dog food that someone had spiked with anti-freeze, and Dylan came home to find his dead parents. Dylan was lost.

Walking around his little town he found this flyer saying "Move to the big city Simlife, the land of opportunity, where dreams do come true". Dylan then slaved selling cigarettes to his locals to try to save up for a plane ticket. After months of selling cigarettes it just wasn't enough, he then heard on the radio about crime stoppers and having to sell out people for money. Being a hobo that's always in back ally dumpsters he sees everything! He worked his ass off getting that money for that plane ticket.

Dylan with a Y arrives in Simlife in a very busy week, and has no idea what in heck is going on. He finds a job as a bus driver and starts his life. After a wild taco Tuesday night he runs into a man claims he is a cop transfer from up north, Dylan trusts him at first. Then a car robbery gone wrong with officers right close by of the break in they get into a police chase and Dylan has to think about his future again. They get away from the cops and Dylan by himself now has some deep thoughts on what's next in store for him. 

Dylan finds himself at the DMV trying to buy a car where he sets a car alarm off by accident but doesn't  leave the scene and waits for Officers to arrive. They were there within seconds, He then becomes the narc he once was and tells the officers everything about Billy Ray. The officers believe the story and Dylan tells them he will supply additional information to the officers about certain crimes happening in the city. 

Dylan now has dreams of opening a tobacco shop to lauder information to the police. He thinks this is better for himself so he's not in the line of fire when shit hits the fan. Dylan just wants to be a free man business man who helps out our police department whenever he can.

What you think you bring to RP: Well being relatively new at this, I think I bring good vibes and good stories to the Simlife RP. I've really enjoyed the week so far with everyone I met, you guys are just so helpful with everything. Honesty I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. And whatever happens in the city stays in the city, I got thick skin so just lay into me if you got too, it will be fun! 

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Your application is accepted

Please ask in support for your interview


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