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Whitelisting Application: Danny Sharp


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Name: Danny Sharp

Discord: DopestDan #3841

How long have you been playing: GTARP about 1.5 years, Roleplaying such as D&D and Pathfinder around 20 years

Characters backstory (Min 150 words): Danny Sharp is the devil in disguise. He is one of the most polite and personable people you'll come across. Trust worthy and helpful, hes got your back and will lend you a buck or two if you need it. All this is his general nature, but he has another side, a schemer, an influencer, a troublemaker simply for the sake of causing havoc. Danny started his life as a mechanic at Benny's, he worked hard and became the owner of the Bennys and a multi millionaire when he sold it. With that money he started a weed empire growing lots of 40 plants at a time and buying guns on the side. With the additional funds and connections to the underworld he then set up a bunch or operators selling weed for him but never knowing who he was. Danny would leave it in cars that they would pick up in a location and drive away. After the city dwindled he moved to another where he became the nicest member of the Lost MC, also the number one meth salesman in the city, (this is a recorded stat) Danny ended up falling for the Presidents lady and it caused contention and the club dissolved before any rp really came out of that. Danny then had ladies on the mind and ended up getting married to a lovely girl named Zoey. They lived a happy above the board life until the city changed. When the city changed, so did Danny. He and Zoey (KatalystSpark) started a gang for shits and giggles called Cotton Candy Club, everyone wearing pink and blue, we had unicycles and bats. Now through some government actions Danny is looking for a new home and is really enjoying his Time in Simlife, where he is already growing weed and doing coke. But he's also casually fishing, cherry picking, scrapping and enjoying the Los santos life

What you think you bring to RP: I think i bring a personable and reliable character to the table. I am creative in my applications of crime and i believe very fair. I understand RP is supposed to be enjoyable and i strive to make that happen for myself and others.


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Your application is accepted

Please ask in support for your interview


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