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Whitelisting Application: Clive Ryder


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Name: Clive Ryder
Discord: pepzi#0163
How long have you been playing: Registrerad 16 april, easilly >20 hours played
Characters backstory (Min 150 words):

Clive was born in Sweden by his Swedish mother Hanna and American and unknown father, who was working abroad in Europe at the time when he met Hanna. Before Hanna even knew she was pregnant he went back home to his homeland. Hanna has tried on multiple occations to find Clive's father but without success. Clive had a pretty tough childhood where he was bullied at school for not having a father. In his adult life he has had a plethora of different jobs, not feeling like any of them was meant for him. Without a male role model in his life, Clive has a very hard time finding his real self.
When Clive turned 46 this year, he decided he would try to find his father. He bought the flight ticket after selling all his belongings and kissing his crying mother goodbye at Arlanda airport.
In Los Santos, Clive doesn't know what to do or where to look, but he is slowly getting to know some people that push him in various directions. The oppurtunities in the city seem endless. The American dream. Maybe Clive should start his own business, where he can adapt the work situation to fit his own needs instead of feeling like a slave to the system. Who knows, it might even lead to him meeting his father and/or other unknown relatives?

What you think you bring to RP: I am new to RP:ing myself, but I've watched way way way too much GTA V RP on Twitch, so I'm hoping to bring all that passive learning to active roleplaying.


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Your application has been accepted 

Please contact Helpers or Mods for your interview


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