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Whitelisting Application: Brenwen Cyanide


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Name: Brenwen Cyanide

Discord name: Cyanide#9978

How long have you been playing: Probably close to 30 hours in 3 days

Character Backstory: Brenwen grew up in the town of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, she was surrounded by a Motorcycle club run by her father called: Cythreuliad but when the Vice President decided to pillow talk with his old lady, she went to the police how had been hunting them for years. 

The Vice President was only looking at 10 years on good behavior and with a kid on the way he rated revealing all the bodies and drugs that had been stashed in different abandoned mined shafts no one had found in years to the police. With everyone facing up to 50 years in prison her father Arthur decide to hand himself in for her so she had time to escape from the police. With her last fake ID she boarded the next plane to LS without been able to say goodbye to her friends and family and not being able to mention them ever again.

Once she arrived in the city she was completely lost trying to find work as the normal way from what she had learnt as a child became extremely difficult also trying to adapt to the change in cult shock. But after meeting a few good crimes that showed her the ropes and a few not so good ones, she decide that maybe she could make this city her home again. 

What you think you can bring to this RP: I want to bring a realist biker gang that is always watching from the shadows and gathering information for their businesses deals. My hopes for the future is to either join the lost MC and make it stronger or Start a reveal gang and run the lost out of the city. 

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Your application has been accepted 

Please contact Helpers or Mods for your interview


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