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Name: Dillon Baker

Discord: Beltorze2

How long have you been playing: 2 or 3 weeks 

Characters backstory (Min 150 words):

Dillon Baker was a peaceful man living in Michigan happily married. Life changed when he caught his wife having an affair with a man from Los Santos. In search of revenge Dillon moved to Los Santos to hunt and kill the man who destroyed his life. After finding out he works for the Gruppe Security Company, turning to a life of crime in hopes to draw the man out to the public. He soon became partners with speed hacker Sam Hinkie, together they soon realized that they could become crime lords of the city. Raiding every Bank, 24/7 and Jewelry store they see to help increase their wealth. With all their knowledge of the city they use it to help enable more chaos for others, at a cost. In the end Dillon hopes to bankrupt the city and destroy the company and the man that destroyed his happiness in life. 

What you think you bring to RP:

I think I bring to RP a more exciting part of the crime life. As well being able to help new people get started on their feet, if they want to do legal or illegal work. Still new to doing RP I hope to create more stories and connections with people in the city. I also hope to create a cousin that's a cop so I can get both perspectives of what happens in the city, and get a better overall understanding of things

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Your application has been ACCEPTED

Please contact a MOD or Helper to arrange your interview


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