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Minto application


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Character Name: Minto

Name of PED (Found in the menu): a_c_cat_01

Discord: Wise Shibe#7846

Age: 6

Why will this PED benefit RP: Have a animal roam the world, theres just humans right now. I think the different responses from it could be very cute, especially as theres alot of crime bosses and stereo typical LA girls running about who would love to have a cat, bringing some light hearted fun. 

Characters Backstory (min 200 words): it was 2015, when Minto was born as a barn cat in paleto bay, where it was mostly kept around for the sake of hunting mice, birds, and other wildlife. but when a truck passed by full of fish to head to Pearls Sea Food restaurant, it swiftly jumped onboard to get some delicious fish. Unbeknownst to the cat; the truck closed its trailer and would drive all the way to Los Santos. Placing Minto in the Middle of Los Santos, to a whole new world that was unfamiliar to them; begging to the different residents for food; often even invited to live in different houses. Minto would go from house to house, often with little care in the world for the people if left behind. Eventually thrown out of each house it came to; Minto became a stray again, and thus began to hang out at Legion Park trying to grab different people their attention, but to no avail. Now it roams around the city looking for a new human to bother, and perhaps live with.


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This application has been denied

At the moment we only allow for human PEDs though this may be subject to change in the future


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