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General Rules-

  • Age Requirement for Whitelisting: 18+ (Unless Exceptional Roleplay is shown)
  • A working, quality mic is required.
  • Your character needs to have a somewhat realistic name, and must not break TOS.
  • Players must follow Twitch.tv Terms of Service (TOS) at all times. 
  • Being toxic, or breeding toxicity in any platform (this includes twitch, discord, etc) can have you removed from the community at any point in time.
  • This is an English speaking server, If you're roleplaying another language one or two sentences is fine. But switch back so everyone can be involved in the RP

Server Rules-

  • [1] Stay in character at all times:
    • In the event there's an issue, completely role-play out the scenario and player report if needed. Do not break character / inform the player they are breaking a rule in-game.
    • Do not do actions in game in order to bait others into breaking roleplay.
    • If you know the player is new to roleplay, breaking character or using /OOC to help them is okay
  • [2] Server Restarts:
    • Roleplay shouldn't be stopped or become less serious before a restart; it should continue as normal.
  • [3] Metagaming:
    • Purposely using or relaying information that your character did not learn in-game (Twitch Chats and Discord Channels included) to shape in-game roleplay.
    • Twitch streams are not to be on when in the active scenario the stream is playing, if you're involved in the RP the stream is showing (TURN IT OFF)
    • Don't mention Twitch streams while in RP, This is Metagaming and Also FailRP [4] rulebreak.
  • [4] Powergaming/Fail RP:
    • Using means not actually in-game to gain an advantage or not attempting to fit in to the world in a sensible way:
      • Finding the quickest way to make money, rather than roleplaying around the mechanic.
      • Escorting people while in vehicles. (Just place them in the car)
      • No. You cannot carry someone on a motorcycle or let alone a BMX.
      • You can attempt to make up the name of a rental company if found in a stolen car but you cannot double down if called out on it. This includes all variations of this excuse
      • You're not a pilot, you're not allowed to take Helicopters or Airplanes 
      • The use of /me and /notepad should be used as much as possible to help aid your scenarios.
      • [CASINO] If you manage to win $1.5m you HAVE to cash out and stop playing. This rule is introduced after the nerf of the slot machines. We keeping a close eye on trying not to make criminal activities redundant and not trying to ruin the economy.
      • [CASINO] If you win the said amount above, you are NOT to return to the casino for 4-5 days to bet. You can socialize, not bet.
      • Robbing multiple stores in a row, have you just robbed a store? Would you continuously go on a spree doing this knowing you're on CCTV and police are looking for you? No. Lie low and play smart. 
      • Driving at unrealistic speeds with no character reason.
  • [5] Random Death Match(RDM) & Vehicle Death Match (VDM):
    • Attacking another player/group without any story/roleplay leading up to it.
    • Attacking another player/group using a Vehicle with the intent to kill/knock them out without valid reasoning.
  • [6] New Life Rule (NLR):
    • If you are downed and respawn at the hospital your character forgets the immediate events leading up to being downed in the current scenario. You may not respawn if you've been advised that police or EMS is on the way to your scene.
    • You must try and contact medical help of some sort while incapacitated.
    • You cannot respawn if police are nearby looking for you.
  • [7] Not Valuing Life (NVL):
    • Not realistically fearing for your life when you are threatened with weapons or severe harm from other means.
    • Having shoot outs at PD or hospital is not allowed.
    • Antagonizing gangs/police or armed individuals for no character reason.
    • Players should not be inserting themselves into ongoing situations or shootouts, between two groups or one group and the police.
  • [8] Combat Logging:
    • Do not disconnect when you're in an RP scenario
    • Limit your RP in the scenario if you know you have to leave the server to commit to IRL things
    • If you've lost in the situation, take the L and move on.
  • [9] Cop Baiting:
    • Do not blatantly shoot in front of a cop to get them to chase you 
    • Do not blatantly speed in front of a cop to get them to chase you
    • We understand crim/cop RP can be slow, so instead of baiting them out. Create some RP to get them involved (Store Robbery etc)
  • [9] Realistic Names:
    • You're name isn't "Lionel Messi" or "Ted Bundy" be unique.
  • [10] Respect Staff:
    • This goes for in the server and in discord
    • If a decision has been made, respect it.
  • [11] Use of PEDS/NPC's:
    • The use of PEDS are strictly prohibited without an application.
    • Apply here on the fourms, whitelisted isn't needed.
  • [12] Stealing Police/Ambulance Vehicles:
    • Stealing either of these vehicles without high tier RP is forbidden
    • If you're in an RP scenario where you need to escape and the only vehicle is a police car then take it
    • Once you're safe and away, ditch the car straight away. (Steal a different car or hide)
  • [13] Sexual Assault, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia/Transphobia
    • NEVER roleplay these things out. This will result in an immediate ban.
  • [14] GTAO Driving (GTA Online)
    • Driving up or off a ramp is GTAO Driving
    • Driving off the pier into water is GTAO Driving
    • Driving on the train tracks for longer than 5 seconds is GTAO Driving
    • You wouldn't willingly do these things, GTAO Driving links into rule [7] & [4]
  • [15] Using Friends as Hostages
    • Before using a friend as a hostage, spend a decent amount of time looking for someone else
    • If you've used a friend hostage in the past 48 hours you cannot use one again
    • Move onto something else that doesn't require a hostage
  • [16] Cinema/Hypnonema
    • Everything shown on screen across the city must follow TOS guidelines
    • Everything shown on screen across the city must also follow Server Rules
    • Be nice! Take your turn on showing videos!
    • Don't take control of a TV/Screen you're not nearby
    • Don't play twitch streams that are streaming the server (META)
    • Pausing/Stopping/Rule Break and General Trolling will result in you not being able to use the feature, could also lead into a kick or temp ban
  • [17] Criminal Activities 
    • Criminal activities are limited to 5 players max at a time
    • Taking someone to bank and forcing them to withdraw money is NOT allowed
    • 5 Police Officers can only turn up to the scene of a crime at a time (ie Bank and Jewelry Heists) as up to only 5 criminals can partake in the them

(Server rules are changing all the time, it's good to come back and check them once in a while to keep on top of them)

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