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Welcome to Simlife!


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Hey guys, firstly I want to say welcome to Simlife. 

We are a new server, our devs are still learning and so are our management team but I like to think it puts us in a unique position where we can learn whats best for the server using our members and users. In saying that I would love to get to know each one of you. So you are all invited to tell me a little bit about yourselves. I will start; 

My name is Sarah though most call me Sari, I come from Wales and got into RP around about 2 years ago thanks to my best mate. I love video games, probably a bit too much :') but other than that I work on weekends so it gives me the week to play RP and whatever else takes my fancy. For me RP is a great way to escape the BS in real life and have fun doing so, especially the last year with the current pandemic. 


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