Common Command List

Here is a list of commands you might need to use regularly in the city. To use these commands you need to bring up the command line in game by flexing your T muscle.  This is not necessarily every command in the game, if you think one should be added then feel free to message me in Discord and I’ll do it.  I’ve deliberately not included commands specific to Police and EMS as these will be covered in training and don’t need to be known by general players.

/me [text] – Used to perform an action which cannot be displayed through emotes or conversation. An example would be when EMS are checking you out, you might respond with “/me arm is hanging off” to describe your injuries while in character

/do [text] – Used to check if an action can be performed on another player to avoid power gaming (for information on this, see the rules here). For example player A could be stood on a cliff edge with player B stood next to them, player B could say “/me goes to push A off the edge” followed by “/do would I be able to?” to which A could reply with the outcome, such as “/do yes” in which case A would jump off the cliff as there is no in-game way to perform this action

/ooc [text] – Sends the message you type to the whole server, used to convey something out of character, normally if you’re having trouble with something. DO NOT ABUSE THIS

/911 [message] – Sends emergency message to all police on duty

/311 [message] – Sends non-emergency message to all police on duty

/e c – Cancels an emote or action, if your character is stuck, this is normally a good first thing to try

/e [emote name] – Makes your character perform an emote, for a full list of available emotes see the F1 wheel. Common ones include /e chair2, /e sit, /e hug, /e dance[number], /e lean, /e wait, /e think

/e handsup2 – Technically another emote, but this one allows another player to rob you, if someone is pointing a gun at you and tells you to do this, you must do it

/trunkgetin – Gets into the trunk of a car if you’re facing one, the trunk must be open, again if you’re told to do this at gun point you must do it

/sit – Sits in a nearby usable chair, if this does not work you can use /e chair2 and use your number pad and scroll wheel to position your character onto the chair manually

/atm – Used while facing an ATM machine to bring up the menu to allow you to withdraw cash

/bank – Tells you how much money you have in the bank

/cash – Tells you how much cash you have on you

/payphone – Calls another player at random anonymously, you must be stood in front of a payphone to be able to do this

/payphone [number] – Calls the number from the payphone anonymously, you must be stood in front of a payphone to be able to do this

/answer – Answers an incoming call, can be shortened to /a and still work

/hangup – Puts down an ongoing call, can be shortened to /h and still work

/pnum – Gives your phone number to the nearest player in their skybox. If someone does this to you, you can flex T, and highlight their number and use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to put it into your phone

/carry – Picks up a player in front of you to carry them. Try not to drive a car or motorcycle while doing this, as realistically you wouldn’t be able to do that

/notepad – Opens a notepad where you can take notes which can be revisited later or dropped on the floor for other players to see. Remember that when you log off the game your note will be forgotten, so copy and paste it before exiting if you need to keep it

/enablebuy – When looking at a car in PDM you wish to purchase with cash (click here for the full car buying guide)

/dv – Deletes the vehicle you’re in, only use this on local cars if they’re in the way. Mainly police, mechanics and EMS will use this

/ping [player ID] – Pings the player ID you use with your location on their map, to accept they must use…

/ping accept – Accepts a ping you’ve been sent

/scene [text] – Allows you to place whatever text you write onto a surface. Can be used as graffiti or signs

/outfitadd [slot number] [outfit name] – Saves your current outfit with the number and name you’ve chosen, there are 9 slots so choose a number 1-9 and the name cannot have spaces, it should look something like this “/outfitadd 1 pimpassbitch”. Note that ALL /OUTFIT COMMANDS NEED YOU TO BE STANDING SOMEWHERE YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR OUTFIT TO WORK

/outfits – Shows the list of outfit slot numbers and names currently stored

/outfituse [slot number] – Switches to outfit to your chosen slot number

/outfitdel [slot number] – Deletes the outfit saved in your chosen slot number

/givecash [ID number] [amount] – Gives physical cash to a near-by player using their ID number to ensure it goes to the right person

/givekey – Gives a copy of a key to a vehicle you have the key for to someone else. Get them to sit in the driver’s seat of the vehicle you wish to give them the key for, stand next to the door and use this command

/m1 – Puts your mask on

/m0 – Takes your mask off

/h1 – Puts your hat on

/h0 – Takes your hat off