Buying a Car Guide

To purchase a car you must go to the PDM dealership, shown as a car icon on the map. Please note that if you have the money to buy the car outright, you will have to have the cash on you to do so, there is an ATM right outside the main entrance for this (stand in front of it, flex T and enter “/atm” to bring up the menu). It is possible to buy a car with a finance option which must be paid weekly, however you need to speak with a PDM dealer for this.

There is a brochure of all cars available in the city’s PDM available here:-

When at the PDM showroom use the following steps:

1. Stand next to a car in the showroom and flex E at the prompt (if the exact car you wish to purchase is already visible in there, skip to step 3)

2. You will be taken into a menu with all of the cars currently available in the server. Use the arrow keys, enter and backspace to select the car you want from the menu. Once selected the car should appear in the showroom

3. Standing next to the car you want to purchase, flex T and enter “/enablebuy”

4. There should now be an option to purchase the car with your G muscle. As mentioned previously, you need to have the cash in your wallet for this to work

5. Your new car will appear in the outside dealership car park, enjoy your new ride! If you want to change modifications or colours you can do so at Bennies