Bus Driver Job Guide

Bus driving consists of driving a bus of local passengers along one of a few pre-determined routes. In order to do this job you must have the bus driver job active. You will get the usual passive income while this job is selected as well as bonuses for each stop you complete.

1. Go into the job centre, which is shown as an orange briefcase on the map, and use the E prompt at the desk in the first room on the left of the building

2. In the menu select Bus Driver as the job, using your arrow and enter keys. Once selected leave the job centre building

3. On your map you should now see a few white bus icons around the map. Each of these is the start of a new route. Head to one of these

4. Once at the start of a route go to the marker and press E at the prompt and a bus will appear

5. Get into the bus and head to the marker to pick up the first lot of passengers (usually right in front of where the bus spawns), stop in the circle and wait for them to board the bus

6. The route to the next stop will be highlighted on your map, drive there

7. Once at the stop wait for passengers to get on and board (sometimes they do not appear on your screen, so wait for the prompts in the bottom left of the screen)

8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 until you’re back at the bus depot, where you’ll drop the remaining passengers off and return the bus at the same point where you collected it from