Beginners Guide

First things first you need to start with a character idea. Starting with their backstory, where are they from, what have they done, what has led them to turning up today in Los Santos. Then you need to think where that character wants to go. What do they want to become, how do they want to get there. It can be handy to make sure you don’t take them from A to Z instantly and make their journey as exciting as possible. There will be times they fail, there will be times they succeed and they’re okay because it is all a part of roleplay. 

1. Creating your Character

When you load into the server you’ll be faced with a screen with 6 or 7 small boxes, choose the first empty one and create a character. You’ll be asked for a character name, height, and date of birth. Making sure you follow the rule list you can start creating your character here. Next, you load into the server and start with creating how your character looks. 

The gender of the character is found under the PED tab. It is important that you use either PED male or female. The NPC PEDs are accessible but you need to apply to use one. For the purpose of learning, I recommend you choose either 1 or 2 in the list, male or female. 

Dressing your character can be difficult to get used to, jackets are your main top, undershirts can sit underneath jackets or shirts, you want to click through them until the undershirt isn’t poking out through your top in a weird way. Arms can be the same, you want to scroll through to a perfect fit, there is always a perfect fit, so the torso isn’t clipping through the shirt or your arms aren’t showing invisible patches. 

2. Getting into RP 

Now your character is set up it’s time to start getting into the world of Roleplay. The number one thing to remember when in-game is to not break character. Of course, slip-ups happen and that is okay but it is a good habit to get into. 

Don’t call the server a server, replace the word server with things like “city” or “town” so if you need to log out you can tell those around you “I’m just gonna head out the city” another way of saying that is to say “I’m going to go to my apartment and take a hard nap” it helps with letting those know you are RPing with about your real-world actions. 

The same can go for when you need to go and eat or visit the toilet, or any real world action that will take you away from your PC for a short amount of time. You don’t need to log off the server but you can say in these instances things like “I’m going to be in my head for a second” or “One second whilst I meditate” It will let those know around you that you will be away from your PC momentarily. 

3. Getting into character 

Now you have created your character, and you have an idea of how you need to change the way you speak in terms of referencing the game, it’s time to look at your character as a whole and how you see and interact with your character. 

It can be difficult at first to separate yourself and your character, a lot of the time when you are just starting out your character will be an offshoot of you but the best practice to be in is to separate yourself from your character, making your character its own personality so to speak with its own personality. 

It is so so so important to remember that what happens on the server stays on the server, especially with feelings. Getting into RP you’ll find that perhaps your character argues with someone else’s character, you need to keep in mind that this isn’t something that’s real and that person doesn’t actually dislike you in any way. If you ever feel unsure then let them know you’re worried and get that reassurance. Being new to RP makes it difficult to separate those feelings and other players will understand that you are new and feel worried. 

Think about your character and what they want to be, are they a criminal? What kind of personality would they have as a criminal? What unique changes would you make to a standard criminal personality to make them memorable and fun to play? Stick to these ideas and allow your character to grow and change with the RP. 

If a situation comes up where you feel you need to report a player for an action that happens, follow the RP, make mental notes and when it is over then send one of the staff team a report. Don’t let it break your immersion and try not to break character.