Bring your story to Sim Life…

“Javia is a good god.”
– Connie Tent, Fanatic

“Hello friends! Call me! I am the greatest taxi in the world and I will do anything for my fares! Tally ho!”
– Noah Kuttler, Taxi driver

“There is no such thing as police brutality. It’s made up by people who keep falling over repeatedly”
– Deputy Wolf, BCSO


  • Jobs (Fishing, Garbage Collection, Taxi, Cherry Picker, Uber Delivery and Loads more!)
  • Whitelisted Jobs (Police, EMS, Lawyer and Judges)
  • Business and Faction Applications (Own a gang or business)
  • Custom Items
  • Custom Clothing
  • Custom Vehicles

Dedicated community

We at SimLife pride ourselves on being very community focused. We noticed some servers say that they are and don’t provide help or listen to their community. Here at SimLife we are very beginner friendly with tutorials on using TeamSpeakVOIP and much more.

Your unlimited story

Unlike other servers, we love to see players have the ability to reach any position in RP if they work their way up the ranks. We as a staff team understand how it sucks when the staff team of a FiveM server take over and never give players a chance. Do you wanna work your way up to be the chief of police? YOU CAN. Do you wanna work your way up to owning your own mechanic business? YOU CAN (It’s easy)